A Personal Review about Apple Leather Care Cleaning Products

Apple Leather Care CompleteFor a bag lover like me, I keep a big collection of bags in the spacious corner of my closet, mostly handbags and shoulder bags that are of smooth leather-type.  Some of the bags that I own are prone to developing patina, or a green incrustation or film that indicates great age. To make the bags look new and attractive, I keep them smooth and clean with the help of Apple Brand’s Leather Care Kit. The bag cleaning products in the kit are perfect for removing heavy patina on the leather material of a bag. They also help to take off soot and surface residue from the fine, smooth leather.

The Leather Care Kit from Apple Brand consists of the following products:

–          A convenient zippered case

–          Apple Brand’s Leather Care Guide

–          Conditioner

–          Cleaning cloth

–          A bottle of Apple Leather Care (4oz.)

–          A bottle of Apple Leather Cleaner (4 oz.)

Now, the bag cleaning kit that comes from a convenient zippered case would be a perfect handy for a traveller who loves keeping her bag clean. The cleaning kit may be great at removing patina and strong dirt but the downside is that they are not compatible with nubuck, new vachetta, naked leather and suede. To solve this problem, Apple Brand created the Apple Suede and Nubuck Cleaner. The said product is known to gently take off stains and oil from bags made of fabric, nubuck and suede.

If you want a bag cleaning product from Apple brand that works on nubuck, suede, fabric and smooth leathered bags, the Garde Rain & Stain Repellent would be the right one to use. It is safe for all type of bag material and it does not cause color to fade. You can even use it on exotic type of leather, as well as lighter colors like white or cream.

If it is your first time to have your favourite bag cleaned with Apple Leather Care Cleaning Products, do a test on the inner leather side or hidden part of the bag. This is to check if the product works well on the material. It is ideal to use a microfiber or soft cloth to wipe the leather skin. The cloth should be soft enough so as not to create scratch on the material. After using the product, it is required to leave the bag to dry on a ventilated place.

This bag cleaning product is definitely great to use for bags on re-sale. The good thing is that your bag will last quite long and will still look new for years to come.