Authenticate First Reviews

If you want to buy a luxury bag posted online for sale but not sure if it is authentic, call on Authenticate First to check for you. The website has been in business for years providing authentication services for both buyers and sellers. Founded by Gina Nixon together with co-founder Mary, Authenticate First continues to operate independently with ten other authenticators.

One of the services Authenticate First offers is pre-purchase evaluation. If you find a bag of interest and want to know whether or not it is authentic, you can request for their service with a minimum price of $7 per bag. For Hermes bags, the site charges a $30 fee. If you request for additional services such as estimating the value of the bag, they charge $5 for all other brands except Hermes, which costs $10. For expedited services, Hermes has a $20 tag while the rest cost half.

You can also use the site for verifying authenticity of items sold in auctions. Since time is of the essence, they have a rule whenever the evaluation takes longer or if the bag is sold before the results are sent. In such cases, the money is not refunded but you get another chance for another authentication order for free.

Authenticate First also provides post-purchase services. The base price for evaluating purchased goods is $15 while Hermes goods cost $40. All other additional services have the same charges as the abovementioned service. You can also ask the website to verify a shopping website for authenticity. They charge a fixed $10 for the service.

If you happen to encounter problems with the bag you purchase and want a refund from the client, Authenticate First can help you make a claim backed by Paypal through a written statement. All brands except Hermes cost $50 per document and take a processing time of 3 days. If you want it earlier, an additional fee is required. Extraction letters can also be requested for a fixed price of $25. If your item costs less than $300, you can have it fully refunded using the letter.

Authenticate First is a newly founded website, but its current track record is highly commendable. Based on past clients, the service is prompt and accurate as of late. You can chat with them about your concerns or send a request through the provided form. The prices are very affordable compared to its competitors. With a good customer review like that, Authenticate First should be one of your choices for bag authentication.