Bababebi – Hermes Handbags Authentication and Shopping Advice

Hermes, a dominating fashion brand has created world famous iconic handbags that have become timeless pieces. Spending a fortune on such creations will never be a waste of money as long as the authenticity is guaranteed. Whether you are buying your Hermes online from sites like Ebay, Deluxemall or any other online marketplace, Bababebi can help you identify real Hermes handbags from the mountain of options in the internet.

Bababebi is a specialized website that only caters to Hermes handbags. The website was founded in 2010 by Dimtiy Giles, a Hermes enthusiast and collector for over 30 years. The founder was a lawyer in profession for 36 years and thought of putting up a website to help fellow shoppers through her extensive knowledge of all related products by the brand. It has been greatly emphasized that the website is an independent business and is not affiliated to Hermes in any way.

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, an authentication website like Bababebi can be a great help to your endeavors. For buyers, the website offers written authentication services that involve careful examination of handbags through photos and descriptions. No need to send the bag over. By paying a few bucks, the website can provide an opinion about the bag’s condition. All information disclosed in the consultation will remain private until each case is closed.

Sellers on the other hand can benefit from having a third party authenticator recommend them like Bababebi. Each handbag can be given an authentication seal or note to make the seller more reliable. Advice on how to advertise the bag can also be provided. You can find out which pictures to show and what information to provide for each item. Buyers are particular with large purchases and it helps to know that the seller they’re checking out knows exactly what they want.

As far as credibility goes, Bababebi has been a constant contributor for bag forums. Opinions from the website are considered of importance in dispute cases for Paypal, Banks and Credit Card Companies in United Kingdom. It has present clients from Europe, Asia, North and South America, as well as Australia. So far, the website has not received too much attention from Hermes enthusiasts so positive or negative reviews about its services are not clearly provided. Nevertheless, there is a reason why Bababebi remains trusted by its affiliates. If you need someone to authenticate a Hermes bag of your liking, contact Bababebi through its official website.