Bag Borrow or Steal Review

At Bag Borrow or Steal, you have lots of designer bags and accessories all for the taking. You are presented three main options by the website:

  • Purchase an item from their collection
  • Rent an item monthly with renewable contracts
  • Sell your pre-loved authentic possessions

The wow factor for the site is the rental system which you don’t find a lot in most used item website distributors. You can take it as a personal access to a huge celebrity closet wherein you can use anything anytime for a given price.

In terms of pricing, you would notice that their selling prices are very affordable compared to larger websites with similar functions. There is not much difference, but the few bucks can be a starting fund for another purchase. If you choose to rent one, you’ll find it more expensive than you think. They count by the month from when they send it and when they receive it. Meaning, you’ll have to let go of the bag before the month ends, depending on how long the courier service takes.

In terms of customer service, you might find the site a little bit lacking. They have their own hotline wherein you can address all your problems and concerns. The representatives are trained but a lot of reports say that they aren’t very good in dealing with customers. You’ll have to be careful not to get in their bad side since they can be rude if you start showing the attitude.

Website Navigation

You will find the website to be highly informative about the description of their services. If you have no idea what to do, you can find a well-designed page where you can get a simple 3-step tutorial on how their services work.

You’ll never get lost since they have organized tabs that open up when you mouse over. That’s a good browsing point without needing to leave your current page. It is clear they have a good web designer for this.

Processing Time for Transactions

This is where you’ll most likely have problems with the website. There have been personal reports about the site taking too long on settling payments for various submitted items. Sometimes, it’s a matter of the issued check getting withdrawn after being deposited to your personal bank account. Altogether, they are all financial settlement problems.

However, there aren’t many reports about items not being sent over, so it’s best to assume that they are good in this area. Just try to be careful with your dealings and start from small if you are a first-time buyer.