Bag Spa – Bag Cleaning Services in Singapore

The expert team from bag spa offers a variety of services your precious but old items’ need. They have their own formulated cleaning and stain removing chemicals that doesn’t harm even the famous products from Chanel, Gucci, Dior, Coach, Burberry, Luis vuitton, Prada and many more.

From as low as $5 for hat cleaning to $150 for large handbags re-coloring, bag spa is your one stop shop to make your old items look brand new and again usable. They offer bio-cleaning to remove the bacteria, bad smell removal by special cleaning, mold eradication, re-coloring, water-proofing and repairing. They accept belts, wallets, shoes, sneakers, sandals, hats, hand bags and any other request you might have.

They also sell home care products and teach you how to use them so that you after you collect your new looking item from them, you will now know how to preserve it longer. These products include odor remover, leather/vinyl cleaner and conditioner and leather protection creams.

Bag spa is located at 10 Anson Road #02-39 International Plaza Singapore 079903 with the hot line Hot Line: (65) 6222 9556. They only wish for you to try their services and find out for yourself if they are the best in the business.

Address: #02-39 International Plaza
Tel: 6222 9556
Opening Hours: 11am-7pm on Mondays to Fridays; 11am-4pm on Saturdays