Bagsire Review

“All that you desire at discounts you covet”, this is Bagsire’s mission. With the increasing awareness of people about the importance of keeping up with the trends, it is not a surprise that a lot of people are easily influenced with the online shopping hype. The best way to be fashionable with no complicated styling is to own designer accessories that have their own elegance as a branded piece. At Bagsire, you not only find brand new luxury bags and accessories for each season, but also find them with great discounts.

Bagsire allows you to have an online shopping experience without hassles and less competition. The website is only open to members and you only need to be invited by one of the registered members to join the circle. All members are given full access to all merchandise as well as discounts and freebies during occasions. Prices can go as low as 30% of the original price during clearance sales and promotional events.

You will also encounter the term “Gloot” once you become a member of Bagsire. The term is a shortcut for Glamorous Loot and literally suggests a collection of designer items showcased in an occasional event that lasts for several days at most. Most of the expected items are special editions and unique bags with limited stocks.


Bagsire accepts local and international orders with a flat rate of SGD10 for local ones. The rest are calculated based on the applicable shipping rates at the time of purchase. Based on customer reviews, orders are normally processed within the day of purchase and shipped within the next 3-5 days. All processes from the sales invoice to the arrival of the item are reported through email to each respective customer. Of course, any concerns from the members are handled with Bagsire’s customer service support. Packages are all shipped in an exclusive Bagsire shopping bag.

The authenticity of all bags and accessories in Bagsire are guaranteed with their 100% money-back policy for merchandise officially declared as fake by a certified appraiser. All payments from major credit cards are processed through Paypal which provides buyers well-guarded transactions. They also accept bank transfers for DBS and UOB account holders.

So far, Bagsire has been moderately making a name in online luxury selling. If you are looking for an online website with a well-established client base and fast delivery service, try out Bagsire. You get the most coveted luxury bags and accessories at prices that fit your budget just right.