Balenciaga price in UK 2015

Following is the updated 2015 prices for handbags, small leather accessories, shoes, scarves, jewelleries and bracelets in UK. Prices are quoted in Pounds and it is last updated in May 2015.

NamePrice £ (GBP)Type
Balenciaga Baby Daim Giant Gold Mini City825Bag
Balenciaga Cable Shopper M1215Bag
Balenciaga Cable Shopper S955Bag
Balenciaga Cable Shopper S 1045Bag
Balenciaga Classic City1085Bag
Balenciaga Classic Day805Bag
Balenciaga Classic Envelope Strap675Bag
Balenciaga Classic First995Bag
Balenciaga Classic Hip455Bag
Balenciaga Classic Metallic Edge City1265Bag
Balenciaga Classic Metallic Edge Envelope Strap 745Bag
Balenciaga Classic Metallic Edge Mini City915Bag
Balenciaga Classic Mini City785Bag
Balenciaga Classic Part Time1115Bag
Balenciaga Classic Sunday S995Bag
Balenciaga Classic Town1045Bag
Balenciaga Classic Velo1085Bag
Balenciaga Classic Work1155Bag
Balenciaga Giant 12 Gold City1175Bag
Balenciaga Giant 12 Gold Envelope Strap725Bag
Balenciaga Giant 12 Gold Hip495Bag
Balenciaga Giant 12 Gold Mini City825Bag
Balenciaga Giant 12 Gold Part Time1195Bag
Balenciaga Giant 12 Gold Town1135Bag
Balenciaga Giant 12 Gold Velo1175Bag
Balenciaga Giant 12 Silver City1175Bag
Balenciaga Giant 12 Silver Part Time1195Bag
Balenciaga Holiday Collection Giant City1265Bag
Balenciaga Le Dix Backpack1085Bag
Balenciaga Le Dix Cartable M1195Bag
Balenciaga Le Dix Cartable S1195Bag
Balenciaga Le Dix Cartable S1065Bag
Balenciaga Le Dix Cartable S Python1465Bag
Balenciaga Le Dix Money405Bag
Balenciaga Le Dix Pochette Cartable Strap1115Bag
Balenciaga Le Dix Triple S875Bag
Balenciaga Le Dix Zip Cartable1345Bag
Balenciaga Le Dix Zip Cartable S1115Bag
Balenciaga Maillon Box Clutch745Bag
Balenciaga Maillon Mini Trapeze875Bag
Balenciaga Minaudière Box Bubble785Bag
Balenciaga Minaudière Trapèze785Bag
Balenciaga Mini Papier A4745Bag
Balenciaga Mini Papier A4 Metallic Edge1015Bag
Balenciaga Mini Papier A4 Python1595Bag
Balenciaga Mini Papier A4 Zip Around825Bag
Balenciaga Mini Papier A4 Zip Around 'Metallic' Effect955Bag
Balenciaga Navy Cabas M545Bag
Balenciaga Navy Cabas S485Bag
Balenciaga Navy Pochette435Bag
Balenciaga Neo Classic Chain Bag S1565Bag
Balenciaga Neo Classic Mini Chain Bag955Bag
Balenciaga Nude Marble Mini All afternoon875Bag
Balenciaga Nude Marble Work XS1295Bag
Balenciaga Nude Mini All Afternoon915Bag
Balenciaga Nude Work XS1295Bag
Balenciaga Papier A4915Bag
Balenciaga Papier A4 Metallic Edge1345Bag
Balenciaga Papier A4 Python2750Bag
Balenciaga Papier A4 Zip Around1085Bag
Balenciaga Papier A4 Zip Around 'Metallic' Effect1345Bag
Balenciaga Papier A5875Bag
Balenciaga Papier A5 Zip Around1045Bag
Balenciaga Papier A6 Zip Around875Bag
Balenciaga Classic Bracelet125Bracelet
Balenciaga Classic Bracelet Triple Tour125Bracelet
Balenciaga Classic Metallic Edge Bracelet175Bracelet
Balenciaga Classic Metallic Edge Bracelet Triple Tour175Bracelet
Balenciaga Giant Gold Bracelet135Bracelet
Balenciaga Giant Gold Bracelet Stud155Bracelet
Balenciaga Giant Gold Bracelet Stud M185Bracelet
Balenciaga Giant Gold Bracelet Triple Tour135Bracelet
Balenciaga Holiday Collection Maillon Bangle185Bracelet
Balenciaga Holiday Collection Padlock Bracelet M215Bracelet
Balenciaga Le Dix Bracelet175Bracelet
Balenciaga Maillon Bangle175Bracelet
Balenciaga Multi Bow Bracelet175Bracelet
Balenciaga Papier Bracelet Large Python235Bracelet
Balenciaga Papier Bracelet Triple135Bracelet
Balenciaga Color Block Scarf215Scarves
Balenciaga Heritage Salon Scarf395Scarves
Balenciaga Logo Twill Scarf215Scarves
Balenciaga Net Scarf305Scarves
Balenciaga Stamp Scarf265Scarves
Balenciaga All Time Ballerina 325Shoes
Balenciaga All Time Open Toe Ankle Boots465Shoes
Balenciaga All Time Open Toe Pumps435Shoes
Balenciaga All Time Open Toe Pumps Python695Shoes
Balenciaga All Time Pumps375Shoes
Balenciaga Box Sandals405Shoes
Balenciaga Brogues Chelsea Boots495Shoes
Balenciaga Brogues Chelsea Wedge Boots565Shoes
Balenciaga Brogues Derbies435Shoes
Balenciaga Classic Ballerinas305Shoes
Balenciaga Classic Screw Flat Sandals435Shoes
Balenciaga Classic Screw Flip Flop395Shoes
Balenciaga Classic Screw Wedge Sandals565Shoes
Balenciaga Classic Strap Platform Ballerina435Shoes
Balenciaga Classic Strap T Bar Flat Sandals395Shoes
Balenciaga Classic T Strap Sandals345Shoes
Balenciaga Cross Ballerina 305Shoes
Balenciaga Cross Pumps415Shoes
Balenciaga Cross Sandals435Shoes
Balenciaga Giant Pale Gold T Strap Sandals345Shoes
Balenciaga Maillon Flat Sandals395Shoes
Balenciaga Marble Sneakers385Shoes
Balenciaga Metallic Sneakers375Shoes
Balenciaga Monochrome Sneakers345Shoes
Balenciaga Multimaterial Sneakers375Shoes
Balenciaga Pads Flat Slides345Shoes
Balenciaga Pads Slides475Shoes
Balenciaga Papier Chelsea Ankle Boots565Shoes
Balenciaga Pierce High Sandals525Shoes
Balenciaga Pierce Sandals475Shoes
Balenciaga Prism Low Boots635Shoes
Balenciaga Prism Mule Low Boots595Shoes
Balenciaga Prism Pumps465Shoes
Balenciaga Prism Pumps505Shoes
Balenciaga Prism Sandals505Shoes
Balenciaga Race Runners405Shoes
Balenciaga River Boots 915Shoes
Balenciaga Rope Open Toe Wedge Sandals365Shoes
Balenciaga Rope Track Loafers305Shoes
Balenciaga Rope Track Wedge Sandals395Shoes
Balenciaga Spy Sandals545Shoes
Balenciaga Spy Sandals565Shoes
Balenciaga Strap Flat Sandals475Shoes
Balenciaga Strap Wedge Sandals565Shoes
Balenciaga Unit Ankle Boots695Shoes
Balenciaga Unit Loafers695Shoes
Balenciaga Unit Sandals505Shoes
Balenciaga Classic Card Case195Small leather
Balenciaga Classic Continental Zip Around335Small leather
Balenciaga Classic Metallic Edge Money395Small leather
Balenciaga Classic Money325Small leather
Balenciaga Classic Osaka155Small leather
Balenciaga Giant Gold Continental Zip Around375Small leather
Balenciaga Giant Gold Money345Small leather
Balenciaga Giant Gold Money375Small leather
Balenciaga Giant Gold Porte Monnaie M255Small leather
Balenciaga Holiday Collection Maillon Money405Small leather
Balenciaga Holiday Collection Padlock Continental Zip Around495Small leather
Balenciaga Le Dix Money405Small leather
Balenciaga Le Dix Simple Keyring115Small leather
Balenciaga Maillon Money395Small leather
Balenciaga Multi Bow Money345Small leather
Balenciaga Nude Continental Zip Around375Small leather
Balenciaga Pale Gold Bow Keyring Clasp135Small leather
Balenciaga Pale Gold Classic City Keyring Clasp155Small leather
Balenciaga Pale Gold Le Dix Keyring Clasp155Small leather
Balenciaga Pale Gold Sneaker Keyring Clasp135Small leather
Balenciaga Papier Continental Zip Around305Small leather
Balenciaga Papier Continental Zip Around335Small leather
Balenciaga Silver Bow Keyring Clasp135Small leather
Balenciaga Silver Classic City Keyring135Small leather
Balenciaga Silver Classic City Keyring Clasp155Small leather
Balenciaga Silver Le Dix Keyring Clasp155Small leather
Balenciaga Silver Sneaker Keyring Clasp135Small leather