Base Shaper Reviews

In this part 2 of our Base shaper reviews, we examine the material used by different Base shaper manufacturer. Comparing 3 different types of base shaper for a Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 and average price taken from Ebay, below is our findings:

Cardboard with leather – Nice looking but Heavy and stiff
Material : Cardboard with leather
Price Range: USD$21.95
Weight: 100 gram
Hardness: Medium

Clear acrylic base shaper – Nice looking but extremely stiff may damage over time
Material : Acrylic
Price Range:USD20.95
Weight: > 100 gram
Hardness: Very Stiff

Cardboard with Nylon – Average looking but serve its purspose but being Light and Soft
Material : Cardboard with Nylon
Price Range: USD$10.00
Weight: < 100 gram
Hardness: Very Stiff

Our Reviews:
If you are looking for some cheap that serve its purpose, we would recommend getting the cardboard with Nylon. You can get your for $9.00 at CloverSac. Using a overly hard base shaper may potentially damage and wear your bag over time.