Best Rated Purse Organizer Insert, Cloversac Emma 28

With so many low priced and high-end bag organizers in the market today, CloverSac’s Emma 28 stands out by being one of the best rated purse organizer insert with its innovative sleek, light-weight and structured design.



Emma 28 has a total 6 internal side pockets, 4 middle compartment slots and 3 external pockets. Its middle compartment is one of the few purse inserts in the market that can hold a water bottle firmly. The middle compartment pocket which acts as middle partition and can also be removed easily if more space is needed.




Every CloverSac purse organizer insert comes with 3 structure cards (in the package). To set up, first insert two of the smaller cards into the side wall pockets, button up to secures the cards.



Then move to the outer base of the organizer and insert the longer structure card into the bottom pocket. The purpose of these structure cards at the side and bottom is to firm up the walls of the organizer to help maintain its firmed “boxy” shape.

This unique design by CloverSac helps to provide structure for a non-structure handbag. A non-structured handbag is referred to one that tends to sag at the bottom when items are placed inside the bag.

Following how it looks like inside a Neverfull MM and Longchamp 1899

CloverSac-Emma-28-beige-with-stuff-inside Longchamp-1899

Detail Specification

  • Dimensions : 11”L x 6”H x 5”W
  • Weight without centre compartment, side and base structure cards : 150g
  • Weight including centre compartment, side and base structure cards: 250 g
  • Number of internal side pockets: 6
  • Number of slots from middle compartment : 4
  • Number of external pockets: 3
  • Colour: Red/Brown

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