Brandnatic – Marketplace for Verified Luxury Sellers

If you have not heard of Brandnatic, it is latest luxury marketplace recently launched by Hipponetwork. What makes it so different from other existing online marketplace is it only allowed authorized and invited sellers are allowed to post and sell. All sellers are verified by Brandnatic before they are allowed to join. We talk to Desmond Lim, founder of Brandnatic.

How is Brandnatic different from other classifieds out there like Gumtree?
The key difference between Gumtree and Brandnatic is Gumtree does not screen their members. At Gumtree, everyone is free to join and post and sell. Brandnatic does it differently by controling and screening all their sellers before they are allowed to post and sell.

In that case, it is quite similar to Malleries where only authorized sellers are allowed to post and sell?
Yes it is somehow similar to Malleries as both are marketplace for luxury goods however Malleries has shopping cart facilities whereas Brandnatic does not. You cannot buy directly from Brandnatic, you need to contact the sellers. Brandnatic also does not charged commission for the transaction.

Why Brandnatic does not want to include shopping cart facilities so that buyer can buy immediately?
Most of the listings are pre-owned bags, so we feel it is best for the buyers to meet the sellers directly to view it before buying. Brandnatic only act as a aggregator for luxury listings

You mentioned pre-screening, how is this screening process like before one can join?
For anyone who is interested to join Brandnatic, you need to first provide your personal information which include your name, contact number, address and business registration if any. A verification code will then be send to their mailing address. Sometimes a face to face meeting is required.

Who does Brandnatic invite to join.
Brandnatic is not something new to us. We founded Deluxemall and Bagnatic and there we gain an understanding of who can be trusted. We also invite pre-owned bag and watch shop owners to join.

Why another classified after the success of Deluxemall and Bagnatic?
Deluxemall is a forum and Bagnatic is a classified similar to Gumtree. With the increase cases of fraud and scams, we feel there is a need to open a classified that only “trustworthy” sellers are allowed to post and sell. Not all buyers know how to tell a real Hermes from a fake one.

Are you confident it will be success like Deluxemall and Bagnatic?
Brandnatic is catered for people that want to reassure whatever they buy or plan to buy are stuff that are authentic. We are confident that with the increase in the online scam, there will be people that are more comfortable buying stuff from Brandnatic.

Does that mean you will close Deluxemall or Bagnatic soon?
As mentioned earlier, they are catered for different audience, we have no plan to close down Deluxemall or Bagnatic.

Who can join?
Interested parties must be Singaporean with an address in Singapore where we can send the verification code to.

What is sold at Brandnatic?
Brandnatic is a marketplace for high-end designer brands only. You find a collective of selected members selling luxury men and women’s bags, watches, apparel, shoes, and accessories.

How do I join?
If you are interested to join, please write to [email protected]