Brandsfever Reviews

Brandsfever is a members-only shopping site that offers fashions items and accessories from various international and local brands. It was founded in Singapore and still uses it as base of operations at present. Unlike most luxury shopping websites, it includes a variety of affordable collections of clothes and bags. You can think of it as a one-stop shop for everything fashion. If you are looking for something trendy for the holidays or a simple gift for a birthday, you will find lots of items to choose from.

The shop started operations a few years back and has now gained thousands of members under its wing. They have a referral system for members to take the initiative to invite friends and acquaintances. For encouragement, they offer a $10 bonus for each successful invitation.

One downside with the site is that it’s exclusive. Although being a member probably makes you eligible for lots of discounts and privileges. Not being able to access the website without signing up is just plain annoying.


For members, an exclusive site is advantageous practically because online traffic is minimized. You can browse through the pages without interruption and you get faster loading. Some people don’t like the fact that you need to click a few buttons before reaching the product page though. The fact that they don’t mention what items they sell for each brand is also a bit of a hassle. However, all of these are easily washed away with how low their prices are.

In the website, you will notice a lot of sale events that usually last 3-5 days. They will inform all members of the starting date and you can start shopping like mad after that. The prices for authentic brands are all reasonable. Sometimes you’d even feel like you’re cheating them. Discounts can go as high as 80% during special occasions.

Once you make a purchase at Brandsfever, you need to brace yourself with the delivery. They are very well-known for late deliveries and bad customer service. When you are a first customer, you get great attention. Everything goes smoothly form the placing the order until it arrives at your home. Once you make the next attempts, you might sense a little change with the treatment. They’re not as prompt and responsive. You sometimes get rude agents when you dial customer service. But this is all ignorable if you’re not really in a hurry.

Overall, Brandsfever is very good in terms of pricing and the variety of the products. They make honest transactions, although there are usually delays. If you are after quality and affordability, the site would be best for you.