Chanel price increase 2014 in Euro and SGD

Following table capture the price increase for Chanel from 2009/2010 to 2013/2014 in Europe and Singapore. As you may notice there is almost an increment of over 45% for popular Chanel handbags like the Classic Flap. Chanel is not the only one other popular luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci are following the suit and increasing their prices as well during this past 5 years. Luxury Goods retailer are saying such increment is necessary due to higher cost in production and material. Others are saying these luxury Goods Retailers just want to increasing prices is to differentiate themselves from other entry-level luxury goods that are fast picking up market share. Some blames the increasing demand for such luxury goods from the high influx of Chinese tourist who travel to Europe to buy these luxury goods.

Whatever the reason is, prices of such luxury goods will continue to soar. If you are contemplating to buy now or later, snap it early before the next increment which is expected to begin during the second quarter of 2014.

Following Prices in EURO

 2009/2010 Price (EURO)2013/2014 Price (EURO)Increment (%)
Classic Flap Small1630295045
Classic Flap Medium/Large1740310044
Classic Flap Jumbo2010345042
Classic Flap XL Jumbo/Maxi2170375042
Reissue 2261960345043
Reissue 2272150375043
Timeless WOC925126026
Shopping Tote PTT1400161013
Shopping Tote PST920130029
Shopping Tote GST1420195027
Shopping Cerf Tote1520179015
Shopping Tote Medaillon Tote1460166012

Following Prices in SGD (Singapore Dollars)

 2009/2010 Price (SGD)2013/2014 Price (SGD)Increment (%)
Classic Flap Small3200620048
Classic Flap Medium/Large4330651033
Classic Flap Jumbo4880725032
Classic Flap XL Jumbo/Maxi5460787030
Reissue 2265350725026
Reissue 2275800787026
Shopping Tote GST365039508