CloutShoppe Reviews

Are you looking for accessories? Or is it make-up? Clout Shoppe has everything in store for you. They sell items from luxury brands like Gucci, Prada, and Botega Veneta and guarantee customers the best prices on all items sold in their online boutique. The website is sub-owned by Singapore Post, a trusted courier service that allows free shipping fees for all orders addressed in Singapore. For international deliveries, they have a fast and reliable system that ensures the safety of your precious purchases.

You can find everything from most if not all of the luxury brands known worldwide from purses and bags to branded cosmetics. Everything is guaranteed 100% authentic by the shop which collaborates with the direct boutiques of the brands in order to provide all items to customers inexpensively and always up to date.


The website has a “Private Sales” stock that contains old and new items offered in the lowest prices they’ll ever give. They are mostly hand-picked goods recommended for the season and the current fashion trend. They offer suggestions for matching goods that is very helpful if you want to get expert advice on what accessories to wear with your thousand-dollar luxury bag.

The website is open for everyone, which is a plus. But you’ll have to sign up as a member if you want to make purchases. You can be rest assured that your items are going to get to you as fast as possible since everything is delivered through Singapore Post.

Clout Shoppe guarantees that everything in their collection is authentic. If you do have doubts, you can always have them checked. But only do this at the bag’s original boutique. If you get a written proof that the bag is not authentic direct from the management of the brand’s boutique in your area, you will be refunded 100% for the mistake. However, you don’t have to worry since they all get their stocks directly from the manufacturers.

One great thing about the collection in Clout Shoppe is that there are times when they host a sale for an exclusive collection from famous haute designers such as Maison Takuya. They call this event Clout Exclusives and you never want to miss it.

Because the delivery system is handled by an independent courier company, the website’s management has all the time and resources to improve their customer service and merchandise acquisition. If you want worry-free shopping for luxury items with guaranteed low prices, make sure to include Clout Shoppe in your itinerary.