Fashionphile Review

It is very convenient for a lot of bag lovers to have websites that sell and buy used items for a given cost. In Fashionphile, you can do both.

If you are looking for a wide range of branded bags and purses, the site would be one of the places you should check out. It is a large company that deals with used authentic bags from world famous bag designers like Channel, Gucci, Christian Dior, Bottega Veneta and several others.

What’s great about the site is that it updates its collection weekly and never fails to tell people what’s new and what’s currently selling. The overall website is easy to navigate with a lot of thought on organization taking place.

What would my shopping experience be like?

Whether you are a first-timer in the site or a returning customer, it would be easy to find what you are looking for. There are specific tabs in the website wherein you can choose for different brands or go to a page where all discounted items are posted. Since the website adds more items weekly, you can find a “New Arrivals” tab wherein the new ones are featured.

Pricewise, most belong from average to high. There are times that you’ll find items that are priced too much and even higher than its retail value. This depends a lot on the bids. The more competition you get, the bigger the price you pay.

Processing purchase transactions are done real time. You get confirmations within the same day. They are very prompt so you need not worry about delays.

What if I want to sell a bag?

Once you’re in the site, you will find a “Sell Your Bag” tab. That’s where you’ll want to go. You will be provided with a form to complete. You’ll have to wait for the company’s experts to confirm the authenticity of your item and then they’ll give you an offer. Their appraisers are very strict and sometimes, they don’t accept items even though they’re authentic.

However, if they do accept your bag, you will be given the option of selling it or signing a consignment. They will provide a specific price for the purchase, while the consignment would give you 70% of the earnings if the bag is sold. And again, they process the exchange within a short time.

Overall, the website is very good in terms of customer service. You might have to reconsider on the prices though. All in all, it is still a good website for used authentic items.