Handbag organizer insert reviews

Are you planning to buy a Purse Organizer Insert? In this article, let us guide you on what to look out for when choosing the best organizer to fit into your handbag. Following are five factors to consider before deciding:

  1. Price – It should be reasonable priced and also consider where it is shipped from. It may turn out that they freight cost is much more expensive than the bag insert itself.
  2. Weight – It should not be too heavy
  3. Structured – It should have a good structure so that it can add form to your handbag
  4. Size and Dimensions – Not too big or too small, it should be just nice to fit into your handbag
  5. Pockets – It should have as many pockets as possible

Who are the Bag Organizers manufacturers today?

  • Newcomer – Clover Sac is a new players in the Bag organizer, reasonably priced and extremely structured and light
  • High End Luxury Brand: This include plan such Titamar. High price with strong premier brand marketing. This brand is widely sold in retail shop and in travel retail.
  • Popular Brand : PursetoGo and Chameleon Inserts. These brands are made famous by comments and reviews via purseblog (forum). Sold online in US and Europe. Limited marketing, mainly due to word of mouth within Forums.
  • Customised Bag Organizer: Customised bag organizer are mostly vendors that built to order. There are two popular brands : Samorga and Divide and Conquer – These bag organizer used to be sold via Esty (online market place for handy craft). Samorga is Korean-based while Divide and Conquer is US based. Pricing is higher however it is able to customise to fit into any bag size nicely.
  • Cheap Mass Market: Muji, Lugmax. These do not have a strong brand identity. There are loosely OEM to any brands. Cheap but no strong market presence.

Product Analysis and Comparison

We shall compared three brands in this analysis : Clover Sac, Purse to Go and Chameleon Inserts

Price comparison

Purse to Go (12″L x 3.5″W x 6″H)
Prices: USD22.95

Chameleon Inserts (10″L x 5″W x 6.5″H)
Prices: USD 25

Clover Sac (12”L x 6”W x  7”H)
Price: USD20.00 (CHEAPEST!)

Structure Comparison

Structure shall determine how the bag organizer can stand by itself when insert into the bag.

A Structured bag does not necessary mean it is better. Some users prefer a less structure design so it is “moulded” to the shape of the bag. Bear in mind these sizes are standard and may not fit to all bag easily. Less structure mean it can easily fit into any sizes.

Some users prefer a more structured design especially when the bag itself does not have a very firm shape. For example Longchamp or Speedy30, a firm structure shall allow the bag organizer to “Size” up the bag.

PursetoGo due to the material that is made from, provide a much firm structure however both Clover Sac and Chameleon Insert Structure provides optional cardboard insert for its base and side wall for additional support and structure.

Weight Comparison

Both Clover Sac and Chameleon Insert feels lighter it is made from Nylon compared PursetoGo that is made from 50% Polysilk , 50% Pellon.