Haute Avenue Reviews

Updating your wardrobe can be as easy as one touch of a button with the growing online fashion market. Even the most coveted bags and accessories can be purchased online regardless of the location of the buyer. One of the most-talked online shopping websites for high-end items is Haute Avenue.

Haute Avenue was first established in 2009 aiming to cater fashion needs in Singapore. In 2011, the business expanded to Malaysia and has now amassed a good number of clients. The website is not open to the public and can only be entered through an invitation from the management or a member referral. It has a considerable member population and still continues to do business for both local and international clients.

The brands offered in Haute Avenue include top ranked designers in the world of fashion. Among these are Louis Vuitton, Chanel, D&G and many others. The website has a team of experts that are in charge of checking the authenticity of the items. So far, there have been no complaints on the accuracy of the bags and accessories distributed by the store. Aside from clothing accessories, they also have a good selection of beauty and skin care products. This is a practical way to make full advantage of the courier service.

Haute Avenue is known to have unbelievably low prices for the products they offer. This is the main attraction of the shopping website. The prices go even lower during sale seasons. However, the demand is too high that the stocks for the items are consumed before the sale period ends. The shipping fee is free for all purchases that go over RM 350. They allow returning and exchanging of items as long as the case is officially proven to be the fault of the shop.

Among online shoppers, the website has a moderate verdict when it comes to customer experience. Putting successful transactions aside, the website does not have a well-managed customer support. Complaints can go unattended for weeks or even months especially if no follow-ups are submitted. Moreover, there are purchases that take longer to process due to delay in stock arrival. A few people who have made a purchase in the website stated that no package has arrived even though the money is taken. Despite this, Haute Avenue is still an ongoing business. This clearly means that there are happy customers amidst the unsatisfied ones. It would be best to give it a try if you are looking for affordable luxury clothing accessories.