How to avoid buying a fake bag on Ebay

eBay, one of the most popular online auction website in the world, was recently fined by a French court, because it has permitted the sale of fake items on its website. However, the imperative query here is: how can a buyer spot a fake item on eBay and how to avoid buying it? One of the most sellable items anywhere in online shops is designer bags. Since online or auction shops only present photos of the items, most buyers do not immediately recognize if it’s authentic or not.

With fake bags looking more real, fake bags these days even comes in different grading with some regarded as AAA+ which are closed to the real thing.

As a buyer, it is important to get your money’s worth from the authentic designer bags you buy on eBay. If you are easily victimized by fake items online, then here are a few tips on how to be a vigilante about getting your money’s worth and avoid scams:

  • Before buying online or bidding for the auctioned item, always do a research on the bag you are vying for. There are also magazines that show images of authentic designer bags. For instance, if you are going to bid for an LV bag, always know that print quality is sharp, leather handles are firm and trim, and the LV studs are inside and out. Additionally, you can also view on the brand’s official website to see 100% original bag.
  •  Ask for more photos of your desired authentic designer bag. Since the Internet is a free media, a lot of eBay scammers can just use stock photos from the official website of the designer bag’s brand. To make sure, you can ask the seller to have photos and detailed shots of the designer bag. If the seller is hesitant to complete your request, then there’s something fishy about the product.
  • When asking photo, make sure that the photo provided by the seller is authentic which means belonging to the seller and not taken elsewhere online. To make sure the photo belong to the seller, request the seller with photo with their ebay username written on it. For example if the username is Kelly, request the seller to produce photo with handwritten “Kelly” on it



  • If the photo provided, you can send it to authentication services to have it authenticated. Some of the popular authentication services include My Poupette, Authenticate4U, Fake Spotters, Bababebi, Caroldiva, Castira, Étinceler Authentications. Most of these authenticator specialise in certain brand. For example if you are looking to authenticate Hermes bags, you may consider contacting Babebi
  • You can also seek free authentication service at PurseBlog or Deluxemall. Two very popular bag forum in the world today.
  • Always remember that it is always too good to be true. For authentic designer bags, their prices range from $400 to $1,000 and up. Once you see an auction of a designer bag with $300 price tag or something like that, be cautious – you may be up for a scam.
  • Always check the feedback and return policy of the seller. It is always helpful to check the feedback of the seller. If you can, read all the reviews, both positive and negative. Additionally, also check how the seller replies to his/her negative feedbacks and ratings.