How to beat the waiting list and buy your first Hermes Birkin

You may have all heard about the very elusive and famous Hermes Birkin bag. Purchased and owned by a lot of the most popular celebrities and personalities in the world, Hermes Birkin is the optimum representation of exclusivity.

If you are looking at fashion as an important part of your life, then you are more likely familiar with the high-quality Hermes bag. This is a French fashion house that is popular for its high-fashionable and luxurious bags, which are in demand among A-list personalities and are considered difficult to find.

Hearsays tell that there is a waiting list for someone who wants to buy the oh-so-elusive Hermes Birkin bag. However, the truth is that there is no longer a waiting list and it just gets much exciting when Hermes Australia disclosed that there was never a Birkin bag waiting list. Here are some quick reminders of bringing that Birkin bag with you:

  • Upon buying the Hermes Birkin bag, you should understand that the handbag is a big investment in your life. A Birkin’s price starts between $5,000 and $150,000. The good news is that these bags hold their value over time and do not depreciate. The longer you own the bag, its value increases.
  • If you have looked upon magazines and decided on a particular Birkin bag style, then you can directly go to the nearest Hermes shop at your area. You can also browse on their website to see different kinds of styles that are available. Always keep in mind that Birkin bags can only be purchased directly from in-stores. You cannot buy from their website or any kind of department store.
  • The prices of Birkin bags differ depending on the materials being used. If you have chosen the Hermes bag that is made from leathers, then expect that the price is much more affordable compared to bags made from the most exotic reptile skins, which cost even more. Moreover, you should also realize that every Birkin handbag is all made by hand and it takes 48 hours to complete the entire item.
  • Contact Hermes broker who can help you track down the best Birkin bag you can have. Brokers are experts in finding the best handbags that match your preferences and styles.
  • Do not be overwhelmed with imitation Hermes Birkin handbags. As a buyer, you should know if the Hermes bag is original or not. Even though imitations look almost alike with the authentic Hermes, observe every little detail such as the neat stitching, the high-quality hardware with “H” on it, a lock on its purse that is enclosed with a “clochette” signature and two handles. Moreover, these Birkin bags have linings made from goat skin. The name “Hermes” is properly engraved on the lock and keys.
  • Make friends with Hermes store salespersons. They are the first persons you would meet when you go to the Hermes Birkin in-store. Rumors say that they often tell customers that they had no items sold or there is a waiting list. Do not buy such story. Work your way in and buy that Birkin bag you truly desire.