How to Clean a Hermes Scarf

Do you own Hermes silk scarves? You must know that these scarves are investments, as well as an important fashion accessory. You may not use this all the time, but when special occasion happens and you wear your Hermes scarf, stains may happen. This is why it is very important for a Hermes scarf owner to learn how to take care of it. If you do not take care of it properly, it is possible that it will be ruined. You owe it to yourself in making sure that the silk scarf is taken care of properly from the time that you bought it.


Hermes does recommend that their scarves should only be dry clean. However, there are some Hermes scarf owners who have asked about washing or cleaning their Hermes scarves. Here are the basic instructions on how to clean a Hermes scarf. A quick reminder though, to take off your doubts with the cleaning method, then put to test this on a silk scarf that has been ruined and is beyond repair already.


Important points to remember:

  • Do not think of using biological detergents or soaking your Hermes scarf in it.
  • Do not let two layers of wet silk scarves stay in contact, because they may get dye transfer between them.
  • Be careful with older vintage scarves, because they have very unstable dyes. Vintage black, green and burgundy can run very easily and should not be washed.
  • Do not consider washing you plisse scarves.

Steps in cleaning a Hermes scarf:

  1. Prepare a bowl or sink and fill it in with cool water. Completely dissolve silk detergent in the water. Make sure that it is bleach-free.
  2. As an extra precaution, add in a ‘color catcher’ cloth to maintain the vibrancy of colors.
  3. Soak your Hermes scarf into the bowl of water. Swish it around gently and constantly for five minutes. If you just soak in the scarf, then there is an increased chance that the scarf’s color will run in the water.
  4. Take out the scarf from the bowl of water. Gently squeeze out any excess water.
  5. Clean the scarf under cool running water until you are sure that the detergent is gone. This process may take a couple of minutes. You can tell that it is clean very well by the feel and look of your Hermes scarf.
  6. Prepare a soft, clean white towel. Lay your Hermes scarf flatly on it. Flip one end of the towel over the edge of the scarf. Roll the towel up from that end, taking the scarf with it. Let it stay until it is almost dry.
  7. Unroll the towel when you are sure that the scarf is slightly damp. Prepare another clean, white towel. Lay flat the scarf on it and iron it. If you like and for extra protection, you can lay out a second thin towel over the scarf. Make sure to iron up to the hems and not across it.