How to Clean and Care your Hermes Leather Bag

Hermes Paris luxurious women’s bags designer sells one of the most expensive bags in the world with a price tag of USD1.9Million for a he Exceptional Collection Rouge H Porosus Crocodile Handbag. Everybody who is anybody in the world almost certainly owns an expensive piece of merchandise and women who like to stress their status quo in life would spend a fortune to put their hands on a Hermes leather bag. Celebrities like Anna Gunn, Rooney Mara, Victoria Beckham, Charlize Theron, Olivia Palermo and Nikki Hilton are just among the many who will not give it a second thought when owning one of hundreds of Hermes designer bags. However, owning something expensive tends to leave you with a certain emotional attachment to it, so it might be better to care and clean for your Hermes leather bag than to buy dozens of new ones.

How to Store your Hermes Bags Properly
The humidity or lack thereof of boxes even in room temperature will cause the leather to dry and cracked after sometime and is therefore not a good spot to store them to. Allow them to breathe. Acid-free tissues are good stuff where you can put them to but it is advised that you don’t make them come into contact with each other. A bookcase with glass doors might be a good place where you can put your leather bags to. It’s dust-free and has a moderate humidity.

Make your Hermes Bags Last for Decades
Dust, rain or direct sunlight is a complete NO so don not expose them to such extremes. Do not use them every day (use at least 2 bags each week alternately). Understand why they are expensive so let them rest about once or twice each week. If you keep wearing the same bag every day, then just like your shoes they will wear out.

Things NOT to do with your Hermes Bags
Steam is not good for your leather bag so don’t bring it to any spa. Processed leather tends to get weakened and if you keep having it conditioned it will eventually lose its quality.

A few Tips to Make your Hermes Bags Last Longer

  •  Absolutely no abrasive surfaces
  • Use the bag sparingly or maybe once every two days or so
  • Allow at least two to three days each week for your bag to rest
  • Use a canvas insert on your leather bags, it protects the inside and it makes it easier when you want to switch bags as you don’t need to remove the items to put them on another bag.