How to Clean and Care your Hermes Leather Bag

Hermes, just like any other designer brands, would make you believe that only professionals can take care and clean your own Hermes leather bag. This is true and definitely the safest method of cleaning fine leather. However, there are a lot of Hermes bag owners who agree that if you are just willing to take your bag’s destiny in your own way, then you can do well by applying baby wipes that are free of perfume, chlorine, alcohol, as well as pH-neutral.

These baby wipes can help you out in cleaning and restoring scuff marks on your Hermes leather bag. Always do a follow-up wiping with the use of soft and dry cloth in removing any obvious moisture from the baby wipes.

10 tips for bag care

Here are ten of the tips you can follow to clean and take care of your Hermes leather bag. Your primary priority is to keep your bag look good, as well as free of stains at the same time enjoy using it.

  1. Look after your bag. Store it in a dust bag cover, which is usually provided by the designer brand. If there is none, then you can use a natural fiber soft pillowslip.
  2. Handle your bags, especially if it is a lighter bag with clean hands.
  3. Avoid using your Hermes bag after putting on vanity products such as hand creams, lotions or face foundation.
  4. Do not use your designer bag when the weather is really bad or if it is raining.
  5. When you visit a beauty salon, be very careful to keep it away from beauty and hair products as they can be easily splashed onto handbags. It can also leave marks on your bag, especially chemicals.
  6. Never use your Hermes bag as a rest to place paper and write notes. Marks from your pointed pen can leave an impression and you do not want that.
  7. If your bag has a chain handle, then it is best to store the chain inside the bag in order to prevent scratching the outside leather when it is not used.
  8. When you store your Hermes bag, make sure to use a bubble wrap to stuff the bag, because it will not attract moths or any kind of destruction.
  9. Avoid using your designer bag when going to the supermarket. There are high chances that it will be scratched from trolleys or be splashed with spillage from foods like dips and yoghurts.
  10. If you are planning to store the bag, undo strap buckles to avoid impressions.

In addition to this, you should always follow the product cleaning and storing instructions of the bag. If you are using a spray cleaning treatment on your Hermes, never inhale it and make sure to have the cleaning procedure in a well-ventilated area and always wear a mask.

The usage of baby wipes is well recommended by many Hermes bag owners; because they work fine on coated canvas and hairspray on cotton buds to successfully eliminate stains and marks.