How to Clean your Pandora Bracelet at Home

The Pandora bracelet is considered as a charm bracelet created from individual beads of different shapes and materials. At most times, owners of Pandora bracelets select the beads to be combined, which will represent their personal interests, hobbies or styles. The beads include of 14K gold, Murano glass, gemstone, sterling silver and enamel. A Pandora bracelet, even though it is shaped into clothing, pants, animals or other things that will provide detailing and accents. It can be very delicate to clean your Pandora bracelet at home, because of the detailing it has. However, you can clean your bracelet at home as safely as possible.

You will need:

  • Hand Soap
  • Towel
  • Soft toothbrush
  • Silver-polishing cloth
  • Water
  • Small bowl

Instructions for general cleaning of a Pandora bracelet

  1. Remove the beads from your Pandora bracelet chain.
  2. Prepare a small bowl and fill it up with lukewarm water and a small amount of hand soap.
  3. Put the beads and the bracelet chain into the small bowl and let it soak for about two minutes.
  4. Take out the beads and bracelet from the bowl of water and carefully place them on a towel.
  5. Prepare a soft toothbrush and dipped it in soapy water. Scrub each bead very smoothly and lightly to eliminate any dirt building up on each bead and the bracelet. Be extra careful with silver pieces that have undergone oxidation, because it can remove the oxidation when scrubbed very hard.
  6. Prepare a small bowl of water with clear, lukewarm water in it. Put each bead and the bracelet in it to remove any soapy substance in it. Take them out and keep them dry on a towel.
  7. To remove any tarnishing, rub each bead with a silver-polishing cloth. A polishing cloth functions on gold pieces as well, thus when it starts to eliminate the tarnish, there will be black marks on the cloth. Do not worry about the black marks, because they are not the detailing from the oxidation. The darker the marks indicate that the pieces are more tarnished.
  8. Move to the bracelet. Pull the bracelet at one end and squeeze the polishing cloth near the top of the item. To remove the tarnish from the bracelet, pull down the polishing cloth to the length of the bracelet. Do it two to three times. Twist the bracelet so that you can clean the whole bracelet.
  9. Once done, reconstruct your Pandora bracelet.

Warning: Do not expose your Pandora bracelet to chemicals

The details on the silver pieces are provided by oxidation. Once the pieces are exposed to harsh chemicals, it can eliminate the oxidation and change the exterior and the appearance of your Pandora bracelet. Be informed that the chemicals may include liquid silver polish, household cleaning solutions and chemicals usually found in spas, hot tubs and pools. The most materials that are at risk include oxidized pearls and silver.