How to prevent your bag from sagging

You purchased that Louis Vuitton speedy or neverfull that you have always wanted, you took it home and admire how beautifully made it is, and then reality strikes. Just by putting several items inside the bag, the sides started caving in and the bottom started sagging. This is common problem faced by handbags that do not have a very solid base. To solve this problem, all you need is a base shaper to support it from the inside and make it sturdier.

Look at how the longchamp and louis vuitton looks like without a base shaper


See now how it look with a base shaper.


Following is how the base shaper from CloverSac looks like inside the handbag


As the name suggests, base shapers are used to keep the base of any bag in shape and prevent it from sagging. It is made from materials capable of maintaining their form even if a lot of weight is applied – usually synthetic plastic, cardboard and in some cases, acrylic. In order for the shaper to work properly, you need to make sure that it fits the base of your bag snuggly. Using a base shaper that is smaller than the base would only create instability and a larger one probably wouldn’t fit. This explained why most base shaper manufacturer normally produced base shaper in various sizes, each size catered to a specific handbag.

The price of these base shapers depends on the size and material used. You can find makers that allow custom orders. There are others who use high quality synthetic leather or cloth for covers in order to match the interior color of the bag.

Another advantage of using a base shaper is it helps to keep the interior of your handbag clean from stains and dents. That explain why there are many bag owners who buy base shaper for their structured handbag as well. This is a very good means of prolonging the life of any bag and makes for easier cleaning too.

If you are planning to buy a base shaper today, check out CloverSac, which is a manufacturer base shaper. Unlike other base shapers, CloverSac’s base shaper is slightly flexible and not overly stiff to avoid damaging the interior of your handbag. Click Here to find out more.