How to stop purse from sagging

The reason why some purses sag is because it has a weak base or bottom. To clearly understand what I meant when I say that purse sag, just take a look at the following pictures at how a Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM and longchamp le pliage sag at its bottom. Another popular handbag model that tend to sag is Louis Vuitton speedy collection as well.


To solve this problem, CloverSac come out with a brilliant idea which is creating a base insert that you can insert onto the base of these handbags to create a solid platform for them. Following is how it looks like when you insert these so called “base shaper”.


With these base shapers, your handbags will not longer sag, see pictures below.


There are many of type of base shapers that are available in market. Some are made of acrylic while others are made of PVC. Different material used to make these base shapers made them weighs differently. Some are lighter where others are heavier. See weight comparison at how light are the base shapers from CloverSac is lighter compared to other base shapers. The heaviest will be acrylic base shaper.

Base-Shaper-1899 Base-Shaper-Speedy-30

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