Is it cheaper to buy Chanel in Europe than Singapore?

Everyone know that the answer to that question is “Yes” but how much do you save?

Comparing the Chanel prices for 2014, the table below indicate that you probably save around 20% if you buy in Europe instead of buying the same item in Singapore. As the prices quote in Europe exclude the VAT tax refund, you probably even save more than 20%.

Where is the best place to buy Chanel in Europe?

The best place to buy Chanel in Europe is probably in the Heathrow Airport in London as those prices exclude any taxes. This will not only save you the problem of doing the tax refund, it will almost ensure you can the full tax refund.

 Europe Price (EURO)Singapore Price (SGD)Convert SGD to EuroDiscount
Classic Flap Small29506200364719%
Classic Flap Medium/Large31006510382919%
Classic Flap Jumbo34507250426519%
Classic Flap XL Jumbo/Maxi37507870462919%
Reissue 22634507250426519%
Reissue 22737507870462919%
Shopping Tote GST19503950232416%