Is it Cheaper to buy MCM in Korea?

It is common among merchants to find a new place to trade their goods when market competition is stiff in the place where they are currently trading. Hence Michael Cromer decided to seek out a fresh new market in South Korea and in case you don’t know who he is, he is actually the founder and owner of Mode Creation Munich (MCM) which is a very popular brand these days in South Korea as well as the whole of South East Asia. The Koreans, as it seems, are experiencing a fashion revolution much like how Paris and Italy did a decade after WWII. MCM has become so popular in the mainstream fashion industry that the company had already set up a second base of operations in Zurich, Switzerland.

So you want designer clothing from Michael Michalsky? There’s no need to look any further as it is already available in stores near you if you’re living in South East Asia. Of course MCM is available worldwide too!

Ideal Places to Buy MCM Fashion Wear

Seoul, South Korea would be the best place to start in finding the ideal stores where MCM merchandise is being sold, but it is also available in other stores across South Korea like Cheongdam, Lotte Jamsil and Myeongdong. It can also be purchased from selected cruise ships like the Crystal Cruises as well as SAKS Fifth Avenue, New York City or the more affordable Duty Free stores in almost every international air ports in the world. Basically, MCM is going into every store in the world because of its fast rising reputation but if you’re ever in South Korea, then you can buy them at 10% to 20% cheaper.

MCM Fashion Merchandise

The best thing about South Korean fashion is that anything goes and therefore fashion designers can go as far as they want in creating their artworks. In fact, the phrase “real men wear pink,” was coined in that part of the world and now Asian men are not much afraid about promoting multicolored clothing as well as those that were once considered as women’s wear. Among the trending MCM fashion items include MCM Jacket, Lion & Backpack, MCM Pink Jacket, BIG BANG MCM Collaboration wallet, MCM Travel Luggage, MCM Messenger Bags, Jeans and more.

Price Comparison

MomoKorea sells MCM women’s bags for just a little over $900 and smaller messenger bags for $265 apiece. Meanwhile MCM bagpacks sells for €600 and €1,000 respectively which is twice as expensive and in the Philippines MCM merchandise such as women’s bags sell between Php7,500 to Php13,000 ($170 – $300 USD). However, not all products can be confirmed as genuine in that country because the Chinese pirated MCM products would easily get into local stores or in some cases individuals sell them online.