Is it Illegal to Sell Counterfeit Goods in Singapore?

The answer is YES!

The Trade Marks Act of the Republic of Singapore prohibits anyone from counterfeiting a trademark or selling it. Anyone found guilty of selling or distributing infringing goods with falsely applied trade mark, may be fined up to $10,000 per good, up to a total maximum fine of $100,000, or an imprisonment term which may extend to 5 years, or both. In additional to that, the owner of the trademark may sue the counterfeiter for damages, according to section 31 of the TMA.

In July 2013, Singapore Police also arrested four men and five women, aged between 27 and 44 years old, for their suspected involvement in the sale and distribution of counterfeit products. The Singapore Police has sternly warned the public that the sale and distribution of counterfeit goods is a serious offence and they will not hesitate to take strict enforcement action against these pirates who profit at the expense of legitimate businesses and consumers.

The Singapore police are not only targeting counterfeit rings and syndicates these days; they are also arresting and prosecuting individuals who are found doing so. These include sales of highly demand branded and luxury replica goods such as designer handbags and watches that can command a huge profit.

In Dec 2014, a Vietnamese national was arrested and charged for selling a counterfeit Hermes bags for about $20,000. The woman was identified as Nguyen Phuong Bao Ngoc, 24. She sold a fake designer bag to Ms. Arlene Darusman whom she allegedly met at Changi Airport Terminal 1 Departure Hall on the 24th Nov 2014. She is currently out on bail but if found guilty; she may face a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison and a fine.

Next time, if you are planning to sell that fake designer handbag or branded watches online, think twice and thrice before doing so. Stay with the law and Stick to the genuine goods always, you’ll not only enjoy the quality of these goods but also be worry free because you’re not breaking any laws.