Is there a waiting list for Hermes Birkin bag in Singapore?

How often does this happen; you walked into a Hermes shop in Singapore wanting to buy a Birkin or a Kelly only to be told that there are no stocks available and that you will be put on a waiting list? There are many Hermes customers who have waited endlessly for Sales Assistants (SA) to call them back. Some waited for several months while there were others who have waited for up to 6 years before they got a hold of that highly coveted bag. In 2010, Hermes declared that there were no more waiting lists and that everyone could potentially get a Birkin. However, word has gotten out that such waiting list never existed and that it was simply a sales tactic. So what about Hermes Singapore? Is there really such thing as a waiting list?

With the various sources of information and rumors going around, I spoke with a SA and several avid Hermes collectors to find out if such lists exist in Singapore. A Sales Assistant from Liat Towers told me that the waiting list is now closed and the list opens once in 2-3 years. Further insiders’ information according to Hermes collectors is that local Hermes stores are trying to clear the huge backlog. Hence explains why the list is closed. Thus there are such waiting lists for Birkin bags in Singapore but these lists are closed at the moment.

Other sources indicate that if you have a good relationship with SA or if you are a Socialite in Singapore, you shall be contacted of the new arrival or be included in this “waitlist”. Just take a look at the Tatler magazine, where did you think where the ladies get their Hermes from or how Socialite Jamie Chua can build a ‘Hermes house’. I was told that the SA has a notebook of a list of their VIP clients that they served, mostly socialites and people in the upper-class. That explain why some say you don’t get to choose when it comes to Hermes but the bag chose you instead. More importantly the brand like to associate itself with prestige and status.

If you are not a socialite or their VIP client, do not be disheartened as there are some tips to increase your chances of getting a Birkin.

1. Establish a friendly relationship with a SA
Being in a SA’s good books means that if there are any new or exclusive stocks you will be the first few to know. Besides it is always good to make friends. So do remember to strike a friendly conversation with a SA whenever you visit a Hermes store

2. Purchase Hermes products (excluding bags)
One of the surest ways of walking out of a Hermes store with a Birkin in your arm is to spend huge amounts of money on other Hermes products such as accessories, belts and scarves. It is said that if you purchase over $10,000 worth of Hermes products it is very likely that the SA would offer you Birkin bags available in store. So if you have the extra cash why not try this method!

3. Overseas Hermes Stores
If your sole aim is not purchase a Birkin and not other Hermes products, you may try your luck at Hermes stores in Japan or Paris. In these two countries, you may be able to walk-in and buy a Birkin without a need to huge amounts on non bag items. However do note that Birkin bags in Japan are more expensive compared to the rest of the world due to their heavy taxes.

4. 2nd Hand Shops
If you do not wish to travel all the way to Japan or Paris to get your Birkin and do not wish to spend a large sum of money, why not choose your Birkin from 2nd hand shops? There are various shops that sell well maintained pre-loved bags at a fraction of the original price. Hence if you are not that particular why not check out some stores at and you might find your Birkin.

Whether if the Hermes waiting list is a myth or not, or if it is closed, there are various other ways and methods to get a Birkin or Kelly. So keep searching on!