Jill’s Consignment Reviews

One look at the website and you’ll be able to tell that Jill’s Consignment is managed by a fashion savvy group. The owner, Jill Sadowsky, has been in the consignment business for years. It started out as an actual shop in Florida and later brought to the internet with the current website.

Anything you need from designer jewelry to authentic branded handbags can be found in the shop’s catalogue. The website is one of the biggest stores that provide branded used items from people who want to let go of some of their designer collections. You can be rest assured that everything is authentic. The website does its best to provide you with all the information you need to figure out its authenticity.

How to Purchase Items

Jill’s Consignment offers you one option for the payment – Paypal. You can either use your credit card or bank accounts to make a funds transfer and even a check as long as they are sent through their Paypal account.

When you shop for the items, you’ll need to have the money on-hand if possible. The business is very popular and items come and go very fast. Just imagine how many competition you can get from all over the world. Either way, when you are interested of a bag or jewelry, inform them immediately of your intent.

They have different charges for deliveries in and out of Florida. For some reason, tax is charged for the former. If you come from nearby countries, they ship internationally as well. You can check their shipment charges at the “Policies” tab at the bottom of their home page.

How to Sell Items

You are given two options for this purpose:

1. Direct Sale – which refers to the company buying out your stuff for an agreed price.

2. Consignment – is where you wait for the item to get sold and you get a percentage of the selling price.

The payment for your sent items would be processed within 3 days to 2 weeks depending on which date you are issued a payment voucher. They are reliable when it comes to sending the payments but you need to watch out for their customer service. Whether it’s because of too many workload or just plain low quality of staff, they are usually not very accommodating on inquiries about products. If you are particular with responsiveness, you won’t like the website. However, it is still one of the most reliable used item reseller so everything ends well in the end.