Kepris Reviews

It’s natural to desire beautiful things and Kepris understands that. Founded by fellow online shopping enthusiasts, this members-only website is a new addition to the number of online businesses that offer you luxury items all from famous designer brands across the world. It is considered a good equivalent for Reebonz, another Singaporean shopping website with an almost similar business focus.

The shopping website is slightly different from your typical luxury distributor. Kepris only takes members through invitations. If you want to get inside their exclusive high class sanctuary, you will need a friend from the inside who would be willing to let you in on the fun. If you don’t have people to ask for the favor, you can easily email the Kepris team to give you an invitation. The approval is not guaranteed since the team is very thorough with the selection of their members. They want to keep their client’s numbers to a minimum since they don’t hire customer service teams to manage the website. This means that you get to personally interact with the people behind the business once you are given permission to be their member.


They offer accessories and lifestyle products for your every preference. From designers bags, purses, clutches, and wallets up to the latest fashion accessories; they have it all for the loyal members they have on the website. The good thing about their products is that they are all cheaper than the retail prices from the brand’s boutique branches. This is one reason why they have gained a very stable client base.

The website also hosts events periodically which usually showcase either new designer collections or sale items. During this time, the website is very busy but you wouldn’t want to miss out on their offers since you can save up to 40% off from items that aren’t even off-season yet.

In terms of customer service, the Kepris team is very particular. They give you the best they have and set a limit of 48 hours at max to answer all your queries and orders. Transactions are settled as fast as possible and you get a well-packed delivery right at your doorstep. The fact that they only have a few clients to entertain coupled with their personal attention to your concerns allows the best customer service you can get with online shopping. Make sure to include Kepris when you start shopping for your wish list and they’ll guarantee you great service and quality products at very low costs.