Longchamp Le Pliage price in Paris

Below is the updated 2015 price list for Longchamp Le Pliage in Paris before VAT refund. To find out how much it cost after VAT refund, take 12 to 13% off the prices below. Longchamp bag is one of the must buy if you are visiting France, as it is still one of cheapest place to shop for Longchamp in the world.

SeriesModelPrice (EURO)RefDimensions (cm)
Le PliageMedium Long Handle 260568260508901525x25x14
Le PliageHobo Bag115245008900137x28x14
Le PliageBrief Case52218208954537x28x08
Le Pliage Néo FantaisieLarge Long Handle 1899110189959712731x30x19
Le Pliage NéoLarge Long Handle 189995189957842231x30x19
Le Pliage Cage aux OiseauxLarge Long Handle 189995189956927931x30x19
Le PliageLarge Long Handle 189978189908968331x30x19
Le PliageBackpack68169908954526x28x10
Le Pliage CuirHandbag430163073704540x31x18
Le Pliage NéoHandbag140163057800540x31x18
Le Pliage Cage aux OiseauxMedium Short Handle 162390162356927930x28x20
Le PliageMedium Short Handle 162362162308955630x28x20
Le PliageSmall Short Handle 162152162108917421x21x14
Le Pliage CuirMedium Tote Bag380151573722632x28x17
Le Pliage Néo FantaisieHandbag140151559712732x28x17
Le Pliage NéoHandbag130151557855632x28x17
Le Pliage CuirHandbag330151273700125x23x16
Le Pliage Néo FantaisieHandbag130151259712725x23x16
Le Pliage NéoHandbag120151257842225x23x16
Le Pliage Héritage LuxeHandbag1180120783427928x26x18
Le Pliage Héritage NéonHandbag1050120782100628x26x18
Le Pliage HéritageHandbag850120781303728x26x18
Le Pliage Néo FantaisieBackpack220111959712730x40x18
Le Pliage NéoBackpack210111957855630x40x18
Le Pliage Héritage NéonHandbag890111782100623x22x16
Le Pliage HéritageHandbag750111781300123x22x16
Le Pliage Héritage LuxeHandbag820111760512723x22x16
Le Pliage Néo FantaisieCrossbody bag130110459712726x21x08
Le Pliage NéoCrossbody bag120110457842226x21x08
Le Pliage NéoHobo Bag180108857864228x22x10
Le Pliage NéoHobo Bag180108057800536x28x14
Le Pliage CuirCrossbody bag155106173702022x14x07