Louis Vuitton handbags prices in UK, USA and France

Find the most up-to-date Louis Vuitton pricelist in 2015 below for 20 most popular handbags for Louis Vuitton today. This include popular models such as Speedy, Tivoli, Neverfull, Totally and many more.  All prices below include in-country taxes so if you are traveling to either UK or France, you are entitled to get tax refund except for United States.  UK taxes is around 20% while France is 19.6%. Bear in mind, if you claiming for VAT tax refund, you do not get the full 19.6 or 20%, you basically get only around 12% due to exchange rates and administrative fees.

Based on the current exchange rates in April 2015, Speedy 30 prices  is as follow:

  • £550 in London, after converting to Euro, it is €768
  • USD 970 in United States, after converting to Euro, it is €891
  • €685 in Paris

Comparing the prices of Speedy 30 between UK, France and USA with Euro as the base currency, it is clear to see that the cheapest place to buy Louis Vuitton is still in Paris.

Speedy 25M41109535950670
Speedy 25N41365535950670
Speedy 25N41371535950670
Speedy 30M41108550970685
Speedy 30M92643179031502240
Speedy 30N41364550970685
Speedy 30N41370550970685
Speedy 35M41107565990700
Speedy 35N41363565990700
Speedy 35N41369565990700
Speedy 40M411065801010715
Speedy Bandouliere 25M411137751370955
Speedy Bandoulière 25N413687751370955
Speedy Bandoulière 25N413747751370955
Speedy Bandouliere 30M411127901390970
Speedy Bandoulière 30M41028171030502100
Speedy Bandoulière 30N413677901390970
Speedy Bandoulière 30N413737901390970
Speedy Bandouliere 35M411118051410985
Speedy Bandoulière 35N413668051410985
Speedy Bandoulière 35N413728051410985
Speedy Bandouliere 40M4111082014301000
Tivoli GMM40144111019601390
Tivoli PMM4014385015001080
Neverfull GMN413577551340945
Neverfull GMN413607551340945
Neverfull MMN413587101260895
Neverfull MMN413617101260895
Neverfull PMM410006701180845
Neverfull PMN413596701180845
Neverfull PMN413626701180845
Totally MMM410158051430990
Totally MMN412798051430990
Totally MMN412818051430990
Totally PMM410167201270880
Totally PMN412807201270880
Totally PMN412827201270880
Alma BBM4031N103018201280
Alma BBM50419125022201540
Alma BBM531526751200850
Alma BBN412216751200850
Alma MMM40856141025001780
Alma MMM4085N158028101980
Alma MMM40878102018101290
Alma MMM90024158028101980
Alma MMN41247102018101290
Alma PMM4032N133023501680
Alma PMM40444153027201910
Alma PMM50466159028202000
Alma PMM5315185015001080
Alma PMN5315185015001080
Papillon NMM407116751200850
Papillon NMN412106751200850
Lockit GMM40614196034302440
Lockit MMM40606179031502240
Lockit PMM40613162028702030
Bloomsbury PMN422517201270900
Petit Noé NMM408187201270880