Louis Vuitton Price Comparison between Singapore and Europe 2014 (after VAT)

The following chart compare the Louis Vuitton prices in Singapore versus when you buy in France, Europe after VAT. Louis Vuitton Prices in Singapore is quoted after GST and it is the current retail price in Singapore (wef April 2014). We assume the VAT refund is 13% using card credit refund which will take around 6 weeks, you can also opt for cash refund which is around 11.5% but there is a processing fee involved. If you are going for cash refund, make sure you head to the airport early. Conversion rate between EURO to SGD is 1.73 at this moment.

In general, you get a better deal of 27% to 38% discount off the standard retail price in Singapore when you buy the same Louis Vuitton bag in Paris. This applies to most countries in Europe like UK, Italy etc. however the VAT varies countries from countries.

VAT Refund: 11.5%
Conversion (EURO to SGD) : 1.73

Louis Vuitton ModelRetail Prices in Singapore (after GST)EURO (after VAT) FranceAfter VAT Refund (EURO)After Conversion (SGD)You save (SGD)% Discount
Monogram Canvas Neverfull PM Bag1580660574100557536
Monogram Canvas Neverfull GM Bag1790880766134144925
Monogram Canvas Neverfull MM Bag1690690600105064038
Monogram Canvas Speedy 25 Bag130062554495234827
Monogram Canvas Speedy 30 Bag133064055797535527
Monogram Canvas Speedy 35 Bag136065557099836227
Monogram Canvas Speedy 40 Bag1390670583102037027
Monogram Canvas Speedy 25 Bag with Strap1880905787137750327
Monogram Canvas Speedy 30 Bag with Strap1910920800140051027
Monogram Canvas Speedy 35 Bag with Strap194065557099894249
Monogram Canvas Speedy 40 Bag with Strap1970950827144752327