Authenticity has always been the biggest concern when it comes to buying and selling used luxury goods online. Whether it is ebay or any luxury goods marketplace, counterfeits are improving on its quality and design these days, making it harder to tell the real from the fakes. Then came, My Poupette,  an authentication website that specialised in authenticating luxury bags and accessories.

My Poupette started in 1999 and has been a constant stop for online buyers who want to be 100% sure of their purchases. The website is generally a designer authentication site that provide paid authentication services. Yes it is not free, some of these Prices for such services are as follow:

Hermes or Celine Bag 24-48 Hours ($165)
Hermes or Celine Bag 3 Days ($125)
Hermes or Celine Bag 5-7 Days ($95)

Handbag or Wallet 24-48 Hours ($35)
Handbag or Wallet 3 Days ($25)
Handbag or Wallet 5-7 Days ($20)
Handbag or Wallet Same Day ($50)

Clothing ($35) 3 Days
Jewelry ($45) 3 Days
Luggage ($55) 3 Days
Shoes ($35) 3 Days
Sunglasses and other Acc ($35) 3 Days

Takes not that the fees published above does not include a Statement of Non-Authenticity. They do charged for this extra service.

My Poupette also holds a great amount of resources that can help buyers avoid buying fakes and high class imitations for the price of their original counterparts. You can post questions and receive answers from experienced people who have had the same concerns and found the solutions. Even concerns regarding purchasing a fake product can be settled by listening to the advice of their website’s trusted liaisons.

My Poupette also has a list of online sellers whom they recommend for providing only the best high-end bags and accessories since their inception. In Ebay, you can find sellers with an MPRS logo on the profile which means “My Poupette Recommended Seller”. This says a lot for those who believe that the website is reliable.

The credibility of the website has been great during its pioneering years. The authenticators that govern it have 25 years of experience in observing Louis Vuitton items and 7 years for other luxury brands like Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo and Prada among others. However, the actual credibility of the website has been a big question nowadays from a lot of buyers and sellers.

A lot of clients who used their authentication services have expressed concern about the accuracy of the opinion. Turn out several members have filed complaint on the inaccurate results indicated by My Poupette. Other complaints include quick charging people’s credit cards for payment but response regarding the question takes long or never arrives at all.

With the improvement in Replica, it is even harder to tell the real from the fake these articles. In a previous article, some fake Hermes have even been found using the same material as the real ones, it is an inside job. Replica producers are getting smarter, providing more challenges to authentication service provider like My Poupette. Engaging such services is 100% fool proof but if you want a second opinion and don’t mind paying a few dollars, you can always give My Poupette a try.