NiMe Shop Reviews

If you want to find a store with a mix of quality and affordability, Nime Shop is the place to be. A subsidiary of Luxury Pte Ltd, the website is a thriving luxury product distributor of brand new merchandise with a worldwide reach. It has an actual boutique in Singapore where dozens of sale events happen every year and a large loyal customer base you would definitely want to be part of.


The store offers a lot of brand new items like wallets, purses, hand bags and clutches all personally handpicked from famous luxury boutiques in USA and Europe. Everything in their collection is guaranteed authentic complete with the original packaging and authenticity card upon purchase.

Every once in a while, the website hosts sale events online where you get exclusive access if you become a member. Prices can go as little as 30% of its original sale value and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Their regular sale values are even very competitive with the original boutique’s prices.

They update their stocks every week since the items always sell out even before the weekend arrives. You need to be quick if you want to buy from Nime Shop. When things go on sale, you need to place the order and the processing starts immediately after your account is settled. Shipments can arrive 2-3 days from purchase. If you are from outside Asia, the shipping might take longer than a week, but that greatly depends on the courier service. You get a free shipping service too.

Nime Shop takes pride in their customer service and product quality so they have a Return and Exchange policy for unsatisfied customers. This will only be approved if the item suffers from damage upon arriving to the customer.

The best thing about the shop is that it sometimes displays limited edition products that aren’t officially released in other distributors. The prices are still cut down and you can use your Nime credits for shopping. One Nime credit is equivalent to one Singaporean dollar.

If you can, you should attend one of their expos in Singapore. You will find that they have an even larger range of luxury items. The online website only has a limited range since everything goes out of stock as soon as they get posted.

To wrap things up, Nime Shop is a recommended online distributor with great finds and great prices. Aside from items going to soon, your shopping experience is guaranteed fast and convenient.