Portero Luxury Reviews

As one of the most successful dealers of pre-owned, slightly used authentic designer hand bags, watches, jewelries and accessories, Portero Luxury has all the basic buy and sell features for you plus a few great additional services.

The company has its own set of people who examine the authenticity of the bags and are connected to consumers with an impeccable customer service staff. You won’t be able to blurt out any complain about how you are dealt with in Portero. Aside from email, you can contact them through their hotline which is open for everyone Monday to Friday 10am to 6pm ET. They are well-received by clients because their staff are capable of entertaining customer concerns with the right answers and attitude anytime of the day.

Selling Arrangements and Policies

The company is very strict with their item contributors. They have a vendor system which allows you to display your own items for sale. Their experts however, take a lot of time examining the items since they are very particular with the accuracy of the appraisals. Once you are given an Ok by the website management, you can have your own selling platform where all your goods can be featured.

At present, the website also accepts people who want to sell through consignment. You only have to fill-out an online form and send it back. You will get a response within the next 48 hours at max.

The great thing about selling your items there is that they can be featured at several viewing platforms that aren’t accessed by third-party vendors. In general, you get an exclusive customer base from the websites many trusted clients.

Variety of Goods

At Portero, you have access to over 500 designer brands famous all over the world. Depending on availability, you can have several options for each one. By signing up at their site, you will get email notifications about new arrivals before they are posted in the website. This gives you the extra privilege.

Once you become a member, you can be entitled to free shipping promotions and discounts. The payment methods available are through bank transfers or credit card charging. If you do a bank transfer, you get a 2% rebate on the amount of the transaction. Taxes may be imposed on some areas.

Shipping of items is done on the following day of your purchase confirmation. You will get the package within a day or two for local deliveries. International shipping doesn’t have a fixed duration.