Prada & Miu Miu Factory Outlet in Hong Kong (Formerly known as Space Outlet)

Many has flocked to the Prada factory outlet in Florence, Italy for best deal and bargains for Prada bags, shoes and accessories but how does the so-called factory outlet for Prada in Hong Kong fare?  True, the Prada store might be smaller than its counterparts in Europe but it is one of Asia’s best kept shopping secrets.  The location is puzzling to some as it is located in a residential area but do not let the outward appearance fool you. There are numerous fashion gems waiting to be found inside. Thousands of jaws have dropped upon seeing luxury items with discounted price tags.


Shopping in the Hong Kong Prada outlet can be a pleasant experience and it can also be a nightmare, depending on when you decide to go there. One thing is for sure though; it takes an enormous amount of self-restraint not to leave the store without buying anything. If you are not too fickle with your Pradas, you will find last season’s collection in marked down prices.

By now you might already be wondering what’s the caveat after reading such wonderful things about the Prada outlet store, so we will gladly disclose them to you. Size is definitely an issue for women buying shoes which are larger than size 38.  Whether this is because Asians tend to be smaller than Europeans or Americans or the branch just happens to carry a small number of shoes I do not know, but finding large sizes of shoes is a challenge.

If you happen to be taking a trip to Hong Kong  drop by and see what the Prada outlet store has to offer but do not limit yourself, there are other brand names in proximity which are also worth taking a look at.


  • It is afterall Prada and Miu Miu factory outlet
  • Good discounts of some items up to 90%
  • Good selection of men and women fashion, shoes, and accessories


  • Limited Odd sizes
  • Only off season items

2/F Marina Square, East Commercial Block, South Horizons, Ap Lei Chau, Aberdeen, Hong Kong


Take a taxi from Central (about 15-20 minutes and costs about HKD$100)


Take Bus 590 from Exchange Square at Central or Bus 590A from Admiralty


Opening Hours:

10:30am – 7:30pm (Tues- Sat)

12:00pm – 7:00pm (Monday)