Purse pillow shaper or Bag stuffer reviews

What to do if you are not using your handbag for a long time? How do you store to make sure the bag does not get damage over time?

One of the widely adopted tip is to stuff the inside of your handbag with material so that it stay in shape, preventing the leather from folding and wrinkling over time.

The next big question is What to use to stuff the interior handbag with?

Some used old clothing, newspaper and there are also purse pillow which are designed for this purpose. These purse pillow look like just like pillow except it is smaller inorder to fit into the handbag, some are made of satin while others has the ability to protect the bag against moisture. Following are some popular brands.

  • Clover Sac
  • Kissabag
  • LaClosetDesign
  • Bag-a-Vie
  • thatbagiwant
  • LuxuryPursePillow
  • handbagshaper
  • BagBeauitful

Each brand comes with various sizes to fit into different handbags.

Alternatively if keeping such purse pillow is not your kind of thing as it takes up place. You may wish to consider buying Acid Free Tissue paper from Clover Sac. These paper are neutral in acidity (or PH 7) and it is the same paper used to store antiques and wedding gowns for a long time. All you have is to crumple it and stuffed it inside your handbag. Do not stuff your handbag  with old newspaper, magazines or  clothings as these fabric and material may decolorise and damage your bag. Such material may also turn yellow and smelly over time.