Purse to Go Review

I like big handbags and while I’m very happy with them, organization becomes a bit of a trouble. Having lots of space allows me to put all my essentials like my gadgets, make-up and other stuff I happen to bring along on a particular day. The only problem with it is that the contents usually get jumbled up after some time. It makes reaching for a particular object harder too. Another issue with having large bags is that they’re usually slouchy and constant folding produces lines on the exterior especially if it’s made of leather or a similar material.

I found the Purse to Go organizer online during one of my shopping searches and it seemed like the one I’ve been missing in my bag collection. I’ve seen other women who had something similar in their bags before but I naturally thought it was part of their hand bag. What thrilled me the most is the availability of the colors and patterns. It makes camouflaging to the handbag a breeze. Aside from pastel plains, they also have animal print and floral options.


After a while, I figured the best feature of the Purse to Go organizer is its sturdiness. I didn’t give it much thought until I noticed my bag not slouching like the way it used to. The structure of the organizer helps in keeping the original shape of the bag. That’s goodbye fold lines and less shifting of the items inside.


It also made changing bags easy; and I believe that’s true. Since it has small pockets where items can be inserted and has its own bottom to support items placed in the middle. This way, if you need to transfer items all you need to do is carry the entire organizer out of the bag and into another.


Purse to Go organizer also comes in different sizes: small, large, jumbo, extra jumbo and boxy small and boxy large. You can always find the right match for every type of bag you have. The official website provides suggestions for several known luxury bags so you don’t have to do trial and error. In cases that there is only a small size difference, the organizer has a Velcro on the outside to make it narrower.


Aside from the normal design, they also have other variations. The zip-up version is meant to add extra security to the things inside the bag. The pocket organizer has more pockets inside and outside for those who carry a lot of trinkets.

In terms of pricing, they’re very reasonable ranging from $15.95 – $27.95. You can also watch out for clearance sales that go as low as $5.95. Every bag lover would definitely love the Purse to Go organizer. It’s a good gift idea too. As for suggestions on improvement, I think offering customization services would be great like embroidery for name initials.

Alternatively, you can consider handbag purse insert from CloverSac, they have recently launched their range of bag organizer.