Real Deal Collection Reviews

You have four options when you go to Real Deal Collection’s website: buy, sell, consign and trade-in.

Yes, I meant trading your bag for a bag from their wide selection of goods. This is probably new to you if you haven’t had enough time to explore on other consignment websites online. This one in particular is one of the first shops that offer the trade-in feature. But it’s not literally done through a barter system. You basically send in your bag and you earn shop credits. Those credits are the one you use to purchase a bag from the site.

The luxury handbag consignment website has a promising online service page. Not much effort is done with the aesthetics but you can find everything that you need.

When you go to the home page of the site, you should take note of three things:

  1. The top page links located at the highest part of the website above the shop’s name. You will find all information about the website, how to contact them, and the like. Think of it as your customer service tab.
  2. The side bar that contains a categorized set of links that would bring you to a streamlined collection based on the label.
  3. The 3 links at the lower right of the page. When you encounter problems that need legal measures, you will find all legal closures associated with activity in the shop.

Buying Plans

You can either purchase directly or opt for a layaway plan that requires a 30% down payment with a 60-day period. There is no limit with the amount of purchase but you will have to deal with the individual taxes for the items.

Their available mode of payment is great. Aside from all major credit cards, they also accept through Western Union, bank transfers, mailed checks, and Paypal. Orders have to be paid within 7 days after confirmation of request. However, the items will not be shipped until all funds are cleared. They send items internationally with recommended mode of payment as Paypal or Western Union.

Selling Plans

They either buy your item or have it for consignment. Either way, they follow a strict process with checking the items. Some people have reported that they take long in confirming the arrival of your package so you need to be proactive in checking the status with their customer service representative.

The consignment plan gives you 70% of the selling price plus a listing fee deduction of $25. Payment is made the next day after the final confirmation that your items are sold.