Reebonz Reviews

Singapore-based online shopping site Reebonz offers its customers a wide range of luxury brands for the fashion savvy man and woman. Their collection consists of hand bags, wallets, watches, and jewelry all for both genders but with an emphasis on answering to women’s needs more.

They are a pretty well-established shop in Singapore with lots of tempting sales promotions that comes with countdown features. Whenever items are supposed to go on sale, they put up a notice on the front page a several days before so you can get ready for the most extravagant purchases you’ll make in your entire life.

When it comes to making purchases, they are very generous with discounts. Sometimes the price cuts go up to 70% of the original price which I believe is very outrageous for a normal purchase. However, they give you that benefit and even more if you choose to purchase multiple items in each transaction. One reason for this is that they usually display off-season goods that aren’t very well-matched with the current fashion trend. Nevertheless, it is still a great website to buy from.


At present, they offer 50 Singapore dollar credits for those who sign up for their website. Not bad if you want to get something for a lesser price. All you need is to fill up a form and start shopping away. They also have a referral system wherein you get a reward for every person you convince to sign up in the shop. You are given 5% of their first purchase.

As far as customer experience goes, the shop is well attended. They have a prompt customer service and a regularly manned hotline for all your questions. They guarantee shipping of purchased items within the next 3-10 days from the settlement of the accounts. For Singapore-based clients, the deliveries usually take one to three days at most. For international deliveries, there is no definite schedule, but they do send the item as soon as possible.

What’s great about them is that they respond to complaints like a professional would. If you get an item with a little scratch that doesn’t match their product description or appraisal, they will contact you to buy the item back. Things like this usually happen when the packaging is not well done.

If you’re planning on selling, you can also visit Reebonz Vintage that offer pre-owned luxury bag and watches on consignment basis. You do the usual process and then get paid within the next 14 days after the item is sold. You get 70% for all consigned items except for timepieces which give away 80%. If you planning to buy from Reebonz Vintage, they guaranteed that all the goods that they resell are 100% authentic.