Reviews on Johor Premium Outlet, Is it worth going there?

Johor Premium OutletsOne of Malaysia’s famous shopping complexes which features around 80 mid-high end designers and name brand outlet stores is located in Kulaijaya, Johor. It is called Johor Premium Outlet and was officially opened on December 11, 2011.

From the highway, you will notice the big Johor Premium Outlet sign and it is actually pretty accessible via the North-South Expressway. You won’t be seeing just Malaysian shopaholics at the complex because Singaporeans and tourists from other countries love to spend the day looking around for branded items at discounted prices. But the most important question right now is –  is it worth going there?

Lovely Stories Told By Reviewers :

First of all, the wonderful design of the complex will really attract your attention. Unlike the typical shopping complexes in Malaysia, the first thing you will notice once you get there is the architecture of the two-storeys building which resembles shopping malls in Western countries. Walking from a store to another is not a problem because you won’t really feel the heat of the sun. Shades are also provided just in case you need a break from your shopping activities. But of course, the stores are all air-conditioned and clean. The good news of this complex is it is not only restricted to clothing and accessories. You will also be able to enjoy Coffee Bean and Starbucks in between your shopping spree.

Johor Premium Outlet boasts special discounts from 25% to 65% on daily basis for designers such as Armani, Burberry, DKNY, Michael Kors, Polo Ralph Lauren, Salvatore Ferregamo, Tommy Hilfiger and Zegna as well as affordable brands like Adidas, Cotton On, La Senza, Nike, Oraton and Vincci. Most shopaholics would agree that the only reason why they want to give Johor Premium Outlet a visit is because they need those discounted brands! Do you know that Vincci sell super cheap shoes with good quality at RM25 for two pairs of flats?

What Reviewers Rarely Talk About :

Do not expect crazy sales or super-discounted prices of branded items because you will be disappointed. Purchasing a Michael Kors’ wallet in the United States or via online is way cheaper than buying one at Johor Premium Outlet. Coach features discount up to 30% but still, if you go to the US, you will get a better price. The same goes to Cotton On which sell mostly the same items they’re selling at the sale section on their online shop.

And before you give Johor Premium Outlet a visit, you should be aware that the collections are from the previous year. If you are not into fashion and do not care whether the items are currently the hottest trend or otherwise, you should go to Johor Premium Outlet. The complex is opened seven days in a week from 10am until 10pm.