Samorga Bag Insert Organizer

One product insert that is getting lots of good reviews today is from Samorga. It is a multi-pocket bag organizer made of felt that you can place inside any of your bags. There are actually a lot of variations on the size and number of the pockets, so you will have many options to choose from. Samorga used to be sold on Etsy which is how it got popular in the first place. These days it has moved away from Etsy and Samorga purse insert are sold on the Samorga website. One thing I like about Samorga is you to customize a bag organizer that fit you into your handbag perfectly as all Samorga purse inserts are hand-made. In terms of color variety, you will be offered purse inserts in solid colors and some in print. Samorga purse inserts are popular for handbags such as Celine small Phantom, Trapeze, mini, micro, Louis Vuitton Speedy, Neverful and Hermes Birkin and Kelly handbags.

All Samorga bag inserts are made of a special felt fabric that is structured thick in order to give maximum support on the shape. The only problem with this is that if you don’t store it properly or use it often, the felt tends to shed off. Even if you do practice proper storage and specific care instructions for felt bags, it will still shed over time.

When it comes to the price, which range between USD96 to USD40 (before shipping charges), it is one of the most expensive bag insert in the market today. These prices ranges are similar to that what Divide and Conquer which is still selling Etsy.  The reason why it is so expensive compared to other brands such as Purse to Go, Chameleon Insert or CloverSac is hugely due to the fact that Samorga only sell hand-made bag insert. Each Samorga bag organizer comes in a box to make sure that it doesn’t get folded while on delivery. The upside for this is that you will get the item in good quality upon delivery. The downside, you will be paying a high shipment fee because of the bulkiness of the package. All Samorga bag organizers are shipped out of  Korea and it cost USD11.00 to ship to United States.