Spinn Luxe : Luxury Bag Cleaning Services in Malaysia

Feeling devastated over food stain on your luxury handbag used but you do not know where to get a fine and high quality cleaning service. Spinn Luxe Services is the answer to your problem. A one-stop and over-the-top bio-cleaning and restoration services for leather handbags, shoes, purse, wallet, fabrics and more in Malaysia.

Who is Spinn Luxe Services?

Spinn Luxe Servicess or SPINN is the latest bag cleaning shops that provide bio-cleaning and restoration solutions for luxury bags, accessories and shops in Malaysia.  Specializes in materials such as leather, patent leather, untreated leather, canvas, patent canvas, nylon, fabrics and more, SPINN only uses environment-friendly products which are imported straight from Europe.

The mission of SPINN is to become the best and solution specialist in Malaysia for this line of services. Not just that, this company aims to be a good business opportunity for many interested investors. Also, SPINN is committed to provide its clients with satisfaction as the company ensures that the clients’ items turn out to be as good as new resulting from a specialized restoration process.

What sort of Cleaning and Restoration Services?

Proven to be of service to its clients, SPINN provides the following high quality solutions:

  •  Bio-Cleaning (Removal of stains, smell and moulds)
  • Leather treatment on branded shoes (sports, high-heeled), handbags, briefcase, wallets and others
  • Metal polishing
  • Colour touch up
  • Disinfection
  • Ink extraction
  • Colour restoration
  • Dry cleaning services which includes shirts or household materials

These services are all provide with commitment and expertise. Equipment used to deliver these services is proven to be efficient and are environment-friendly materials. You will surely wave goodbye to stains and unlikely smells of your handbags and shoes and other things which needs restoration.

SPINN has a number of branches in Malaysia. To know more about the company and its services and to see the company’s gallery visit Spinn Luxe Services’ website at http://www.spinnluxe.com/. Or you can also check them out on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/spinnluxe.