Untold Story on the Vietnamese woman charged with selling fake Hermes bag

Jan 2014, a Vietnamese national was charged with cheating by selling a counterfeit Hermes bag for about $20,000 in Singapore. Her name is Nguyen Phuong Bao Ngoc, 24, and she allegedly deceived Ms Arlene Darusman into believing that the bag she sold to her was real and got her to pay US$15,800 for it.

The alleged offence occurred at Starbucks at Changi Airport Terminal 1 departure hall on Nov 4 last year, reports The Straits Times.

It seem there is more detail to this scam as we deep further into it. A post was made on the December 27th, 2013, 09:52 PM at Deluxemall in the Hall of Shame section where a member that goes by the username There123 made the following post:

Did anyone got scammed by this Vietnam girl, her name is Nguyen Phan bao ngoc , she used her account number Nguyen manh thang with Asia Commercial Bank. She sell the b30 kiwi ghw and b30 rose tyrien. She got caught few days ago while she brought some bags for the transaction by the immigration.. So if someone wants to claim for this scammer, please contact at my LINE username: There123…thank you

According to the above post, it seem that Nguyen Phan bao ngocĀ  was caught at the end of Dec 2013 by the Singapore immigration officers for bringing fake bags into Singapore. This lead us to believe that the custom must have been tipped off by someone for her to be caught red-handed. We have reason to believe that Nguyen Phan bao ngoc is likely to bring these bags into Singapore to meet a potential buyer and being set-up to be caught with these fake Hermes in her possessions.

For more information and pictures on who really is Nguyen Phan bao ngoc , please refer to below: