Where is the cheapest place to buy Pandora Bracelet

If you are planning to shop for a Pandora Bracelet, where do you think is the cheapest place to buy it?

Is it Europe, USA, UK or Australia? To find out, we checked out the online prices of PANDORA Bangle Charm Bracelet (Item Number: 590713-19) in these countries. The findings of our research is as follow:

PANDORA Moments Charm Bangle

The prices varies if you are planning to buy the above bracelet

Price in Europe: EURO 59 (or USD 80)

Price in USA: USD 65 (or USD 109)

Price in UK:  55 Pounds

Price in Australia: AUD 69  ( or USD 64.63)

The result above shows that the cheapest place to buy Pandora in the world is in Australia.

Pandora-Europe Pandora-USA Pandora-UK Pandora-AUS