Where to buy Bag Organizer in Singapore?

Bag Organizer (also known as Purse Organizer Insert by some) is bag that you insert into a bag to organize the items inside it. Even though you can find such organizer as low as SGD$2.00 at your nearby Diaso in Singapore, there are more recognized Bag Organizer like Chameleon Insert, Purse to Go, DivideAndConquer on Etsy and Samorga which are commonly talked about in Bag forums like Purseblog. Most of the above mentioned brands are based out in US, so if you are buying it, you will be slapped with a hefty shipment cost. Lately a new brand by the name of CloverSac has also emerged out of Singapore. Good news if you are based in Asia, all items from CloverSac are shipped out of Singapore hence reducing the freight cost if your shipping address is Singapore or even nearby Malaysia, Indonesia or anywhere in Asia.

Following is how Emma 28 by CloverSac looks like:


CloverSac-Emma-28-beige-with-stuff-high1 CloverSac-Emma-28-beige-with-stuff-inside1 Longchamp-1899

Insert-Cards1 Insert-Cards2 removable-centre-compartment2 remove-centre1

Other than bag organizers, CloverSac also designed and manufactured other bag accessories such as Bag Shaper, Bag Hanger and Bag Pillow Insert. CloverSac’s base shaper is another signature product which is the next popular product after their bag organizers. Claimed to be one of the world lightest base shaper, you do not need to carry that extra weight. Following is a comparison made between CloverSac Base Shaper against to their competitor.

Base-Shaper-Speedy-30 Base-Shaper-1899


For those who do not know what a base shaper does, it is actually a base that you insert at the bottom of the bag to prevent it from sagging and giving it some form. Priced at SGD$8.00 per piece, it is not only the lightest but also one of the cheapest around. CloverSac’s Bag shapers are available for Louis Vuitton Speedy, Neverall and Longchamp e pliage as well.

Next time, if you are planning to buy a Bag Organizer or even base shaper in Singapore. Do check out CloverSac, buy over $80 for shipment within Singapore or Malaysia shall be entitled you to free shipping cost.

For more information, please visit http://www.CloverSac.com