Where to buy preowned luxury handbags in Singapore

Many pre-owned handbags shops are present in Singapore to support women love for this category of fashion. They are situated in different areas which are easily accessible for citizens. Shopping malls and streets are good places to watch for such handbags.

Tampines Central, Selegie Road, Parklane Shopping Mall, Telok Ayer Street, Far East Square, 33 Pekin Street, Geylang Road Singapore 409286, Thomson Road, Anson road, United square, Orchard Road and Raffles Place are target areas to take you at the handbags. Other details you may find here,  www.preownedbagshops. A lot more places are there to let you know about the availability. Emails and calls are good to do before going somewhere to confirm the presence of your preferred handbags. There are many places to consider but go to good places only where you feel that you will feel comfort with the stuff.

Surprisingly Singapore is one of the best places to look for pre-owned designer handbags in reasonable prices like Malaysia. Perfumes and other few accessories are also sold good here.

The Attic Place

Its one branch is successfully running in Malaysia. Located at 545 Orchard Road, Far East Shopping Centre, this shop is selling almost all famous brands and designers’ handbags for you. You will love the styles they have and in new conditions. The quality is not compromised. Everything is maintained gracefully.

House of Brandz

One of the shops is House of Brandz, as the name shows it a shop made for solely designer handbags. It is a great source to visit and fill you up with your required handbags collection. If you face difficulty in searching these shops then you might search on web, from address maps to phone numbers, all information is available to guide you in minutes.

Interesthing Shop – The Adelphi

It is in 1 Coleman Street, The Adelphi, to experience best designer handbags display for your favorite selection, choose to visit the shop. Authentic and beautiful bags are found there. Their shop contains much more than you plan to buy in the form of a designer handbag which is pre-owned.

Paris Station

Lastly, this is really a station to stop for handbags. Fancy LV to simple Gucci, all are there. It is on 810 Geylang Road and in city plaza within same city. Achieve something worthy from there and schedule yourself to reach the station shop. Almost discounts run there in all seasons and biggest offers are made to regular customers.

Following are other shops that sell pre-owned handbags in Singapore

  • Madam Milan
  • JHP Bag Singapore
  • Prestige Collector
  • Bagzaar