Where to clean branded leather bags in Singapore

You might be worried once your Louis Vuitton bag gets spilled by a juice or a viand especially that your bag is just newly bought. You are having problems in removing the stain on it and you get frustrated. But you do not have to worry anymore. In this modern age and time, you will be amazed to know that there are booming specialized bag cleaning service businesses in Singapore that can help you in cleaning your valuable bag.

In spite of the increasing demand of consumers in professional help for such services, bag cleaning services is still considered as a niche industry. Why? It is simply because it involves a great expertise and technology for such cleaning services, which started in Singapore way back in 2003.

Operators know that every consumer made a big financial investment for a designer bag. That is why these operators and bag cleaning service providers take specialization courses, which guarantees to clean up the customer’s luxury bags with the use of the right cleaning chemicals and cleaning methods. The professional operator will take care of the bag very well, so that it will be back in shape once it is returned to the customer.

Bag cleaning service providers in Singapore

There are a lot of professional bag cleaning operators in Singapore, which have taken care of many luxury bags of several customers. Although there are a lot of competition within this market, but almost all of the bag cleaning operators in the region have reported significant increase in profit in every year.

  • ColorWash

This is the very first bag and shoe cleaning service operator in Singapore. It has different outlet locations in the region: China Square Central, Siglap Centre, Market Street Carpark are just some of the locations. Moreover, ColorWash also has outlets in Indonesia, Hong Kong and in the Philippines.

  • Cleanique Bags Service

Just like other professional bag cleaning service operators, Cleanique provides professional cleaning of luxury bags, as well as color restoration and other repair services. This provider aims to take care and renovate the customer’s stained and damaged designer bags both leather or fabric fashion.

  • My Bag Spa

This bag cleaning service provider began operating in 2004. It also specializes in the restoration of luxury bags like Prada, Gucci, Chanel, Burberry, Ferragamo, Christian Dior etc. It also has several outlets in Singapore: Millenia Walk, Collyer Quay and Scotts Road. This service provider also has outlets in other countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, Vietnam and UAE.

Bag cleaning service providers consider that the business experience challenges, especially in cleaning luxury bags. They know that handling expensive items such as luxe bags is never easy, especially when the duty of eliminating difficult stains.

In every bag cleaning service provider, there are certain services like color restoration, lightened or removed stains, sanitation services, bag aesthetics and other types of bag repair services. Luxury bags are expensive and owners would prefer to send these bags for professional cleaning that is why operators are constantly giving out new products and services. These operators are also finding ways of improving their current services, because there is a stiff competition in this niche industry.