Where to Sell My Pre-owned Designer Bags Online?

Are you a lover and collector of bags? Do you have tons of designer bags piled in your cabinets? Do you want to sell them but you don’t know where to go? Do you want to earn decent amount of cash from your old stuffs? Do you wish to buy new designs in the market? Well, we have good news for you! You are not alone. Selling pre-owned bags especially belongings produced by famous trademarks like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci and others are becoming a hit even if they turn out “second hand”. Chances are, you would even get back up to 50% more than the amount you spent before when you bought that product. Take time to study the following websites. Once you decided on the site that best offers your customized needs, just fill up some forms and follow their instructions and you are on your way to a happy and merry “Buy and Sell”.

Yoogi’s Closet is known for selling authentic preowned items, not just bags. They maintain high quality in terms of products but they also want to sell it at a fair market price. This is the reason why they select carefully the items they will resell. Visit their website, then click SELL TO US found at the right-wing for more details. They also offer deals and packages that owner like you would enjoy when you choose them to resell your luxury goods.


CashForPurses.com is a heaven-sent. Now you get to earn an income still from your purses and high-end bags even if it’s in bad shape. This is the motto you will first see in their website and it’s catching attention. They also take pride on their user-friendly 3-easy-steps to turning your old purse into cash. Visit their website for more details.

Bagborroworsteal.com offers two options in their selling services namely: consignment and immediate selling. If you choose immediate selling, you will instantly receive a check in the mail after inspection is done from the item. When choose consignment, a guarantee of 60% of the sale will be given to you plus other benefits that are way better than other companies offering the same procedures. The requirements and other instructions are clearly stated in their website.

Unlike other resellers, what’s different about Fashionpile is that they tell you immediately the price of your item you wish to sell by providing its information on a given template. They assure that you will earn a reasonable price. but like other resellers, they also offer a 70% return from the bags original price given 90 days from the time of transaction. Give it a try and maybe they are what you’re looking for.

Tradesy.com works like eBay. The only thing is, it’s a more comfortable way of selling your luxury items. from making your item’s photo look better, suggested prices, down to other business matters and all that jazz, Tradesy.com does it all for you. If you are the business-type of person, I certainly recommend this for you.

Luxe Designer Handbags is known for selling preowned designer bags like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Prada and other leading designs within that class and reputation. They assure their potential clients that the pictures of their pre-owned products are exactly what they will have once they purchase from them. Having this said, reselling your items from them will likely earn you a good income because of their established reputation in the market.